abstract submission

Although abstract submission is open to all, North and West African researchers are particularly encouraged to submit abstracts of their work within the scope of the Colloquium. A limited number of travel grants for early stage researchers will be made available (see below). Accepted oral presentations will either take place in one of the plenary sessions, or in the breakout sessions as deemed appropriate by the scientific committee.

Abstracts accepted by the scientific steering committee for a poster presentation will be displayed in a central exhibition hall at the venue.


Author Guidelines

All abstracts must be prepared using the format OMRC (objectives, methods, results, conclusion) and submitted electronically through the Colloquium website.

  1. Abstracts must fit within the scope of the colloquium (see sub-themes of the conference above).

  2. The language can be French or English.

  3. One author can present one or several abstracts.

  4. The initial abstract text should not exceed 250 words, not including title, authors and affiliations.

  5. Tables, figures or graphs cannot be included in abstracts.

  6. Authors must indicate whether abstracts were published or presented in other national or international meetings, in full or in part.

  7. A one-page bio-sketch of the submitting author should be uploaded

  8. No abstracts will be accepted after the submission deadline (May 31st 2015).

  9. It is the responsibility of the author to submit a linguistically correct abstract.


  1. All submitted abstracts will be evaluated by an international scientific committee.

  2. Criteria for evaluation are quality (clear purpose of the study, appropriate methodology, proper summary of findings, reported findings relevant to the study purpose, clarity of the abstract text); originality (new hypothesis / intervention, concept or method, or application of a known method to address a new problem); and relevance of the abstract to the MNH colloquium.

  3. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the corresponding author as from June 15th 2015.

  4. Authors whose abstracts were not accepted for oral presentation might be invited to prepare a poster.

  5. Authors whose abstracts have been accepted will receive instructions for the presentation of their abstract.

  6. Only the corresponding author will receive a notification and is responsible for informing the co-authors of the status of the abstract. If accepted, authors will be asked to provide an extended abstract (optional, max. 500 words including the title). Requirements for the document: 2.5 cm margins, Times New Roman font, font size 12, single spaced. This abstract will appear in the Colloquium abstract book and on the Colloquium’s website. If no extended abstract is provided, the initial shorter abstract will be used.

Submissions for this conference were closed on 07-06-2015.

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